Galaxy Buds 3 Pro case battery capacity will likely be the same as predecessor

*Header image – the Buds 2 Pro (Image Source – PhoneArena)

We still don’t know when Samsung will unveil the new Galaxy Buds 3 Pro; however, the internet is starting to slowly unveil stuff about them. Reputable news outlet 91Mobiles reports about a new certification obtained for the earbuds that reveal the earbuds’ case battery life and model number.

Galaxy Buds 3 Pro will likely have the same battery for the case as the Buds 2 Pro

The info comes from a TUV Rheinland certification, and it reveals the Buds model number EB-BR630ABY. The same battery was previously certified by a Korean agency.

According to the certification, the Buds 3 Pro’s charging case will have a 500mAh battery, and this is most likely the rated capacity. The typical capacity (what usually gets advertised) should be 515mAh in this case. The same as the advertised capacity for the Buds 2 Pro case.

The certification doesn’t reveal the battery capacity of the buds themselves though, so we don’t know if the 61mAh typical capacity of each bud will remain the same as well. Although there’s no upgrade on the horizon, judging by the leaked battery size of the case, that’s not entirely as bad as it sounds.

First off, software optimizations can also impact battery life – and the newer version of the Buds may have improved battery life because of this. And also, the Buds 2 Pro already have great battery life – with around eight hours of playtime without ANC and five with ANC, those are pretty on par with the competition. With the charging case, you get around 18 additional hours (roughly three charge cycles).

As we already mentioned, it’s unclear when Samsung will unveil the next-gen premium earbuds. They could be unveiled during the Z Fold 6 and Flip 6 event rumored for July, or they may not – we’ll have to wait and see!

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